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A Mod Salon frequently asked Question

How do I get rid of my split ends?

There is only one way to get rid of split ends….and it’s just like a dysfunctional relationship – CUT ‘EM OFF! Split ends are un-repairable once the hair has split, it will continue to do so up the hair strand until it has broken off or been cut off. Regardless of what any product out there says, it won’t make them go away but there are products to help MEND split ends temporarily so they look neat & smoothed down and products to help PREVENT split ends from happening.

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A great smoothing product for those who are not ready to completely cut off all of your split ends to conserve some length is the AG Smoothing Balm. It will tame the frizz & flyaways that come with split ends. It contains Marula, Argan & Mongongo oils that are packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants for high-shine and smoothing properties.

Another great product to add is the AG Repair Serum. Hair is made up of 90% keratin so adding these leave-in product to your hair after its been shampooed will help prevent those split ends from happening. Its main purpose to heal the hair while MENDING those split ends and leaving them soft & glossy.

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Love your “Lob”

A lot of gals have been loving “The Lob” lately. With our hot, sticky, Iowa summers, women are wanting to keep their length but dread fighting it with the heat. The Lob, or long bob, is the “it” haircut right now and is the perfect balance between long and short hair length.If commitment to short hair scares you, The Lob is a great compromise. Client’s love this cut because it allows you to free yourself from unnecessary length but just enough change without taking the plunge completely. It’s the best of both worlds.

Fine to thick, wavy to straight, The Lob works with many different hair types and textures. By choosing the correct length, you can alter it to any face shape too. Non-aggressive layering can be added for extra movement and style, as well as virtually any type of fringe or bang. The Lob allows you to pull your hair back into a ponytail and can also be swept up into an updo for a more formal style.

Popular “lob” cuts have been keeping the hair length slightly below the shoulder. By leaving some of the length, you allow yourself to have many different styling options. Whether you prefer to tousle dry, create waves or define with an iron, your styling routine doesn’t have to change drastically. Less fuss is always a plus!

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4507 Algonquin Dr., Cedar Falls, Iowa