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Don’t blow it – (h)AIR styling

Take advantage of the summer heat and give your blow-dryer a break, without compromising your style of course. We have put some clients on a 30-day challenge of styling their hair without blow-drying it, many have seen results. We get it, blow-drying is convenient and fast, but when the hair goes from a very wet state to a dry state, anywhere from 2-5 times a week, it takes a toll on the hair as all of its moisture has been evaporated from high heat in a matter of ten minutes and can tend to get very dry. So, we’ve told you to not use your blow-dryer….now what?

Always use one of our professional shampoo’s and conditioners that will suit what your hair needs at this time (moisture, strength, volume). Depending on how often you shampoo, adding ten minutes for a deep conditioning mask once or twice a week after you shampoo and before you condition will tremendously further your results. You want to towel-dry your hair well to get all of the abundant amount of water off the hair.

For those who have any natural curl or wave:


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AG Beach Bomb is great for those who already have some wave or curl to their hair. The bio-fermented tomato fruit extract is what will encourage more curl by shrinking the hair cuticle as well as adding moisture, shine and frizz fighting agents. It is a product that you won’t hardly feel in the hair, so it will give you the natural, tousled look. To use: using your palms, scrunch a small amount into towel blotted hair and keep adding more if needed, depending on hair density, and keep scrunching upward toward the scalp until it feels evenly distributed. Let it be to dry, and get on with your day with an effortless (because it is!) look!

We have many different products that will work with those who have more or less curl, so stop on in to get your Beach Bomb or another styling aid. The beach sprays are awesome for a more dramatic beach look!

Now, for the straight haired ladies:


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U Argan Oil….it just sounds wonderful, because it is! It’s great for straight textured hair because a little, tiny bit will go a LONG way. Its a miracle oil that adds immense shine and moisture, seals the cuticle (so bye-bye fly-aways) and humidity-resistant without losing all your body, even for those who have fine hair. Use 1-3 drops, depending on thickness of hair, and work from mid-shaft to ends and feathering up towards the scalp. Apply this in towel dried hair, brush through to promote even distribution and off you go! Feel free to add more moderately after hair has dried to enhance the results.

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