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How to communicate with your stylist?

Oftentimes, miscommunication between stylist & client happens. It’s like you walk in & you suddenly cannot speak or understand the terminology coming out of your hairdressers mouth……Blunt what? Point-cut who? Dust my ends where?

Hairdressers tend to talk to you like you’ve been through the Miss Beauty Academy and you’re like “Hello lady, I barely know how to get my hair straight that I’ve worn for 30+ years, I don’t know how you should cut my hair.” Unfortunately, it leads to you walking out with something you did not want.

Here, we give you 4 tips on how to communicate effectively with your stylist.

1. BE HONEST : Don’t say you use the fancy shampoo/conditioners and professional color when you’ve actually visited the guilty isle at the drug stores. WE WANT TO KNOW YOUR HAIR HISTORY! The more we know, the better, so that the turnout can be the best that it can be. Chemical services are the most important to share because chemical reactions will happen and need to be avoided, so don’t feel embarrassed to tell us and we’ll be grateful so that we can give you the best service possible!

2. BRING PICTURES : Bring in the classic Jennifer Anniston, confident Beyonce or sexy Kim Kardashian and we’ll tell you what we think would suit you best and what’s achievable. Pictures can be a saving grace because “honey” or “cherry coke” to you may be not be “honey” or “cherry coke” to us. Bring in pictures that are styled the same way you can see yourself styling it on a daily basis. Each picture can give us another clue of what you generally like and don’t like, so bring more than one!

3. BE REALISTIC : The most common thing we get in the first 5 minutes of an appointment is women/men bringing in pictures, (which is great!), we want you to just like stated above but they are of someone with thick, dark, curly hair and their hair is blonde, straight, and fine. Try to bring in photos that are similar to your hair, not necessarily in color, but with density and texture. With most haircuts, you can receive what you’ve envisioned as long as it is realistic (like wanting us to magically grow your hair 10 inches…sorry, we wish!). With color though, it’s achievable up to a certain extent. If you are asking for the trending icy blonde and you have dark brown hair hair, it will most likely take 3 visits to get there, otherwise color is very versatile that we can work ways to give you the best color you wanted. As long as it is, again, realistic.

4. KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T WANT : Okay, so maybe you have not a clue what you want or you thought “Forget the pictures! I’ll have her do whatever she wants!” We love the challenge, but if you know what you don’t want or hate, that can help us tremendously and will narrow down the options for us to suggest to you so that the many choices to choose from don’t become overwhelming.

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