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Making a drastic color change

Changing your hair color drastically is a lot like getting into a swimming pool. It can happen in two different approaches; dipping your toes and inching your way in or just diving right in. You decide what you feel most comfortable doing, which is similar when playing around with the idea of changing your hair color.

For those who are considering going from light to dark hair, you may want to try getting lowlights to inch your way to the dark side, which is great for dimension and introducing dark colors. Or you can dive right in and be willing to sit through a couple processes at the salon for a few hours but leave with the rich, dark color you desired.

Now, if you have really dark hair and want to be a blonde bombshell, it’s going to take time and trust in your stylist. You can take baby steps or the big jump as well. To start, you can get highlights with each hair appointment to gradually lighten the appearance of your hair color and add awesome dimension too, or just go for the big change. The process can be more time consuming, because it most likely will be more than 2 processes in one sitting.

Drastic changes can also be very shocking going from one end to the other, so make sure it’s what you really want. Our number one priority as stylists is to keep hair healthy and in great condition while still giving you what you want.¬†With this being said, PLEASE, PLEASE trust our professional opinion and recommendation on what route to take that will be best for you and your hair.


Both of these clients wanted to blonde right away, so 5 hours and two full foil processes later, it’s what they received without compromising the condition of their hair.

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UNITE – Featured

One of our most popular and loved hair product lines is featured over and over again!

Founder and CEO, Andrew Dale, began his hairdressing career as an apprentice with Vidal Sassoon at 16 years old. He became a stylist by 18 and doing session work with Vidal by the time he was 20. He was soon later relocated to New York and Beverly Hills, teaching with the Sassoon Artistic Team, on platform and at the Santa Monica Academy. He continued on to open 5 of his own salons in Los Angeles and San Diego. He then created UNITE Haircare in 2003 and has held true to his UNITE slogan – “Uniting hairdressers together to make the industry a better place.” What we love most about UNITE is that it is a product line that’s been created by a hairdresser for hairdressers.