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Practice makes BETTER

One of the things that makes Mod Salon different from the rest is the fact that we all pride ourselves in continuing our education and finding new ways to work smarter not harder. This November, Team Mod traveled to Orlando, Florida to attend a three day, intense business training named Inspiring Champions Champ Camp to aid businesses taking it to the top of the top! At the end of these three days we were provided with many tools and systems to take care of our number one priority…..YOU!!!

Whether you have never been to Mod Salon or you have been here 100 times, you will all notice we do things a little differently than the rest. One of the biggest changes here at Mod Salon is the consultation will be a wee bit different. We now sit across from you and really have a conversation about your wants, needs and concerns. Also, writing everything down and referring back to exactly what you said is really key to ensure that we are on the same page.

At this seminar we were also provided with an awesome pre-booking system. With this, we can set up your future appointment to keep you looking and feeling fabulous, and it only takes ten seconds. Setting up your future appointments is very important to both of us. Booking your next appointment before you leave allows you to have your preferred time of day and allows us stylists to make the most of our time, so thank you very much for that.
To wrap things up, we are asking for your patience as we implement these new systems. Our ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations every time you visit. As we keep practicing these systems, your experience will be better and better. As Lauren Gartland, CEO & Founder of Inspiring Champions, always says, “Practice makes better.”

Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store
4507 Algonquin Dr. Suite B, Cedar Falls, IA  50613

Upgrading to professional tools.

How many of you can relate…You leave the salon and you love your style that your hairdresser has created for you and you are worried that you won’t be able to recreate it Monday morning for work? You’ve purchased all the products (shampoo, conditioner, mousse, gels, serums & hairspray). Your stylist even showed and educated you what to put where and how you will use it at home. But yet, you still can’t get the same result. (Boo!)

So what else can it be? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your tools! Whether it be a blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron or any other styling tool. Professional tools make all the difference, not only in the shine and condition of your hair but the final result you get from them. The fear about upgrading tools is commonly the price, but most of the population uses the phrase “You get what you pay for.” As a salon that uses only BioIonic tools and supply only those to sell to our guests because absolutely love the results they deliver. When you invest in one or all these tools, you’re investing in top notch technology, and a company that really cares! Our tools have warranties ranging from 1 year to 5 years, depending on what tool it is. Be sure do your research and check reviews and testimonials on any other non-professional tool.

A super awesome offer here at Mod Salon is our One Pass and Power Light Challenge. We let you take the blow dryer/flat iron home for about a week to try it out first before you purchase it to ensure if it’s the right tool for you. We are definitely here to help educate you how to use them and show you different styles you can achieve with them by different techniques!

Stop in to get yours, we have no doubt you will just love it!

Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store
4507 Algonquin Dr.  Suite B, Cedar Falls, IA  50613

It’s unruly, annoying, frustrating & won’t go away!

STATIC! It sticks to our cheeks, flies outwardly off our head and ruins every photo we take. It’s most prominent in the winter season due to the lack of moisture in the air causing our hair to become positively charged and resist each other as soon as the temperature drops. The rubbing from hats, scarves and faux fur hoodies certainly attribute to this problem. We find ourselves constantly sweeping our hair from side to side trying to smooth it down, maybe even adding some human saliva on the hand for the extra help.

We’ve got helpful tips for those who fight this bad boy almost every single day!

Because of the temperature drop, the air becomes drier which also results in our hair becoming more dry. Using a hydrating/moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to help put the moisture back into the hair. This is your first step to success of defeating this monster.

The plastic creates static electricity when rubbed against the hair, whereas using a metal comb will act as a conductor and neutralize the positively charged ions. Wooden combs are also an option.

Like stated before, hair is positively charged. Using a dryer, BioIonic Powerlight Dryer is absolute favorite, that has negatively charged ions baked into the tool and blown onto the hair will neutralize the electron charge and aid in smoothing the hair down.

It’s an obvious solution, but keep in mind it won’t reduce static by itself alone. It’s for when you’re finishing your style to spray down those few stubborn flyaways. Spray the product in spurts versus holding the nozzle down to avoid over using and getting a “crunchy” feel.

Not only is it a great hydrating product, the natural oils found in these products to smooth the hair down. Side note, because they are very hydrating, they can create a little weight on the hair aiding in smoothing the hair. Use them in moderation, for a little bit goes a long way!

Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store
4507 Algonquin Dr., Suite B, Cedar Falls IA   50613

The art of tipping

Tipping can be a controversial subject. There are varying opinions on the tipping process here in the United States, and it’s no wonder. There are many questions to ponder about tipping. Do I tip every service provider I encounter? There are many different service professions: waiters, bartenders, hairstylists, bell hops, plumbers, electricians, baristas, movers, house keepers, taxi cab drivers, just to name a few.

Do I tip licensed professionals such as electricians & hairstylists more than non-licensed professions such as waiters & bartenders? Be mindful, and know that being a licensed professional requires additional expenses and education.
Do I tip regardless if I am pleased or not with the service provided to me? Some professions such as waiting tables don’t even make minimum wage, tips are part of their income, so take that into consideration.

How does one determine the percentage or dollar amount any one service provider should be tipped? We took to Google to research this. According to the findings it is customary to tip waiters/waitresses, hairstylists, dog groomers, room service, etc. 15%-20%. Others seemed to be a dollar amount, $1 per drink for a bartender or coat check, $2-$4 for food delivery, $2-$5 for valet parking. While it states the customary percentage or dollar amounts for different services, it doesn’t say much about how any of this was determined.

Some people feel you should only tip if you are happy with the service provided. Others feel you should tip even if you are unhappy. Whichever side you fall on, evaluate your reasons for tipping or not tipping depending on the service provided.
Being hairstylists, we do receive tips from most of our guests. We would never expect a guest to tip us, certainly not if they were unhappy with their service. It is however greatly appreciated! They take good care of us, we take good care of them! If you are ever unhappy with a service, please let us know. It is our commitment to you to make it right!

Thank You,
Team Mod.

Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store
4507 Algonquin Dr. Suite B, Cedar Falls, IA  50613