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The art of tipping

Tipping can be a controversial subject. There are varying opinions on the tipping process here in the United States, and it’s no wonder. There are many questions to ponder about tipping. Do I tip every service provider I encounter? There are many different service professions: waiters, bartenders, hairstylists, bell hops, plumbers, electricians, baristas, movers, house keepers, taxi cab drivers, just to name a few.

Do I tip licensed professionals such as electricians & hairstylists more than non-licensed professions such as waiters & bartenders? Be mindful, and know that being a licensed professional requires additional expenses and education.
Do I tip regardless if I am pleased or not with the service provided to me? Some professions such as waiting tables don’t even make minimum wage, tips are part of their income, so take that into consideration.

How does one determine the percentage or dollar amount any one service provider should be tipped? We took to Google to research this. According to the findings it is customary to tip waiters/waitresses, hairstylists, dog groomers, room service, etc. 15%-20%. Others seemed to be a dollar amount, $1 per drink for a bartender or coat check, $2-$4 for food delivery, $2-$5 for valet parking. While it states the customary percentage or dollar amounts for different services, it doesn’t say much about how any of this was determined.

Some people feel you should only tip if you are happy with the service provided. Others feel you should tip even if you are unhappy. Whichever side you fall on, evaluate your reasons for tipping or not tipping depending on the service provided.
Being hairstylists, we do receive tips from most of our guests. We would never expect a guest to tip us, certainly not if they were unhappy with their service. It is however greatly appreciated! They take good care of us, we take good care of them! If you are ever unhappy with a service, please let us know. It is our commitment to you to make it right!

Thank You,
Team Mod.

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