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Practice makes BETTER

One of the things that makes Mod Salon different from the rest is the fact that we all pride ourselves in continuing our education and finding new ways to work smarter not harder. This November, Team Mod traveled to Orlando, Florida to attend a three day, intense business training named Inspiring Champions Champ Camp to aid businesses taking it to the top of the top! At the end of these three days we were provided with many tools and systems to take care of our number one priority…..YOU!!!

Whether you have never been to Mod Salon or you have been here 100 times, you will all notice we do things a little differently than the rest. One of the biggest changes here at Mod Salon is the consultation will be a wee bit different. We now sit across from you and really have a conversation about your wants, needs and concerns. Also, writing everything down and referring back to exactly what you said is really key to ensure that we are on the same page.

At this seminar we were also provided with an awesome pre-booking system. With this, we can set up your future appointment to keep you looking and feeling fabulous, and it only takes ten seconds. Setting up your future appointments is very important to both of us. Booking your next appointment before you leave allows you to have your preferred time of day and allows us stylists to make the most of our time, so thank you very much for that.
To wrap things up, we are asking for your patience as we implement these new systems. Our ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations every time you visit. As we keep practicing these systems, your experience will be better and better. As Lauren Gartland, CEO & Founder of Inspiring Champions, always says, “Practice makes better.”

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4507 Algonquin Dr. Suite B, Cedar Falls, IA  50613