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Hydrate Those Locks

Hydrate Those Locks

It’s that time of year when our hair starts to feel dry, get frizzy, and just seems hopelessly unmanageable. What’s the cure? Well we all know that healthy hair feels, looks, and styles best. So the answer is simple, HYDRATE THOSE LOCKS!!

We asked Heather, one of the owners of Mod, what her favorite hydrating regime is and here is what she said: “My favorite hydrating regime is Bassu Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mask from Surface Hair Health. What I love about these products is they are infused with Babassu Oil which helps to seal split ends and heal the hair. Start by shampooing (rinse) and then following with the mask for ten minutes then rinse. Use the mask once a week and the conditioner on the days you don’t mask. Use the Bassu Oil after you get out of the shower to add shine and make your hair feel silky smooth.”

Heather added that if your hair is damaged and is severely split on the ends, you may need to do some in salon moisture treatments as well as schedule regular trims to maintain the health of your hair.

You can pick up these amazing Surface Hair Health products in Mod’s Beauty Store!

Now put down your phone or shut off your computer and GO HYDRATE THOSE LOCKS!!