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Treat and Protect Your Skin

Treat and Protect Your Skin


We spend so much time and money on our hair. I mean, why not? It is one of our best accessories! We clarify, hydrate, and protect our locks all in the name of beauty. However, there is another accessory we need to take care of as much as we take of our hair.

You guessed it! It’s our SKIN! So what do we do for our skin? We all know that we should be cleansing, toning, and moisturizing twice daily to help keep our skin looking it’s most radiant. Most of us do just that.  We get up in the morning complete our skin care regime and then what? What do we do once we have fresh clean radiant skin? We put on our MAKEUP!

MAKEUP is a great and easy way to enhance our best facial features, however that is not all that it can do and that’s not all it should do after we just spent our time cleansing, toning, & moisturizing. Makeup can protect our skin as well. That is, if we are using a product designed to do so. We at Mod have found a cosmetic line that does just that, TREATS & PROTECTS.

What is this cosmetic line you ask? It is Sorme Treatment Cosmetics, a brand based out of Valencia, California. What we LOVE about Sorme is that they approach makeup from a skin care point of view, focusing on treating and protecting the skin by formulating their products with clinically proven anti-aging peptides, natural antioxidant botanicals, and sunscreens. Another reason to LOVE Sorme is that they are a CRUELTY FREE product line. Which is great news for all of us animal lovers out there. 🙂

One of our top picks is their Treat & Tint BB Cream. This is a great product for those of us looking for sheer coverage with protection from the sun. It has a SPF of 30 and is cruelty free, fragrance free, paraben free, talc free, and silicone free. It can be applied with Sorme’s Kabuki brush and worn alone for a light sheer finish or can be worn under foundation for sun protection as well as added hydration and nourishment. Available in four shades; Fair Beige, Light Honey, Medium Tan, & Deep Bronze.

So whether it’s our hair or our skin, make sure to always TREAT & PROTECT because they really are our best accessories. We wear them EVERYDAY!