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Extensions 101



LET’S TALK EXTENSIONS 101!! There is so much to know and to consider when contemplating, “Do I get extensions or not?”

FIRST, why are you wanting extensions? Are you just wanting to add volume? Or is gaining length most important? Would you like to spice up your color? Knowing what your expectations are of the extensions will help your stylist determine the right extension look for you.

SECOND, how much time are you willing to spend caring for your extensions? How much time do you actually have to style? Are you the type of girl that can barely be bothered to brush your hair and are throwing it into a messy bun daily? Do you  shampoo daily? Are you active in sports? Do you swim a lot? What types of hair care products do you use?  All of these questions are very important to ask yourself as they will determine whether extensions are right for you.

THIRD, and this is the MOST IMPORTANT! What is your budget? The truth is that extensions are an investment. An investment that has two parts, the INITIAL investment and the MAINTENANCE investments. They also are NON-REFUNDABLE. What is the maximum dollar amount that you are willing to invest initially? What is the maximum dollar amount you are willing to spend monthly to maintain the look? Are you willing to invest in the proper hair care products and tools to protect your investment and maintain the condition of the extensions?  Note, you won’t get high quality extensions at a minimal price and you aren’t going to go from chin length hair to hair down the middle of your back without needing a lot of hair. More Hair Needed For Desired Look = More Money Per Initial Investment and Maintenance Investment = More Time Spent Styling and Caring for Your Investment


Bottom line is, extensions are GREAT! They are great if you are willing to invest the TIME and the MONEY. Those that take the plunge into the world of extensions, LOVE them. Extensions can make your hair go from lifeless to voluptous in just a couple hours. Not to mention the confidence you will gain when you look and feel your best. Talk about INSTANT GRATIFICATION!

To learn more about our Easihair Pro Tape In extension services please call 319-553-1080 to schedule your FREE extensions 101 consultation. Please get informed so you can make the right decision for you. 🙂


Photo Credit – Stylist: Chloe Olson

Model: Abby Weiland