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Everyone’s A Model At Mod: Why We Love Instagram

EVERYONE’S A MODEL AT MOD : Why  We Love Instagram


Read on to see why Team Mod LOVES Instagram and what types of shots they like to take of their work?



It’s no secret Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store loves color. However there is one thing we love even more and that is to show it off on our Instagram page!!

Why you ask? Because it helps the rest of our community know what amazing work we do. With social media being all the rage these days it is the fastest and easiest way to get the word out aside from your personal referrals. Each one of our Expert Colorists here at Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store has their own Instagram portfolio where they feature their best work. Mod also has a salon Instagram page where we show case our favorites from each of our Expert Colorists.

That is why we created our very own photo area where YOU the guest get to show off your modeling skills. Have no fear, if you are uncomfortable with us getting a full on face shot we will just take a picture of your gorgeous locks from behind.

Here’s a list of shots we like to take when photographing your beautiful new color:

Take a side shot- This shows off the cut and color from a more interesting angle. We may ask you to move your head in what feels like a strange way, just know it may feel weird but we are getting an awesome shot of your hair!

Take a shot of the back of your head- We generally ask you to look up at the ceiling so we can get an amazing shot of the movement of color within your hair.

Taking a front facing shot- Why would we like to get a front facing shot? Because we like to get a photo of how happy you are with your new color. ?​ Don’t worry, if you do not want us to take a picture from the front we won’t.

Take a video- A video you ask? Yes, VIDEO is awesome! With all of the cool new iPhone features on the 7 plus we are able to take slow-mo and time lapse videos that make a shake of the hair look AMAZING!!

So when you are in the salon and you see what looks like a photoshoot happening, you are witnessing every Mod guests modeling debut.
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