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Read on to see what makes The Original Beauty Blender so magical!




You’ve heard the rumors about a magical makeup sponge that leaves your foundation looking flawless and you think to yourself, “Could this be for real?” The team here at Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store is here to say, “Yes! It is real!”

So what is this magical makeup sponge? It is The Original Beauty Blender and we love it! ❤️​ We have tried to carry The Original Beauty Blender in our beauty store for the last year and finally in March we were approved to carry it. We were ecstatic!!

FINALLY!! We could recommend the very thing our guests were asking us about for the last year. We tried other imposters and were left to the same conclusion, Beauty Blender is were its’s at!!

So what makes it so different? Our simple answer is, it just is! However, if you want to know the technology behind it here are the key points that make The Original Beauty Blender THE Magical Makeup Sponge!!
1. The Material – The material that it is made out of ensures that makeup sits on the surface of the sponge giving you smoother, more uniform blending.

2. The Egg Design – The egg shape design guarantees effortless blending in both small and large areas.

3. The Flawless Look – There are no edges this sponge which eliminates lines and streaks that other sponges leave behind.

4. Minimum Water Retention – It has an open cell structure that only allows the sponge to absorb what is necessary for the perfect makeup application.
Now the next big question is, Which Beauty Blender Do I Choose? ?​ STOP in to Mod’s Beauty Store and let one of our makeup enthusiasts help you decide which one would work in your beauty regimen.

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