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Bridal Tips


We recommend a trail run for your hair and makeup. Photos of your dress, hair ideas, and makeup ideas are appreciated. This helps the hair designer get a feel for the look you are going for. Also if you have things you know you do not want or do not like please express this to your hair designer in the consultation. Experiment with different makeup colors and hair styles, and ultimately choose something you feel comfortable with. We want you to still feel like yourself on your special day!

When choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day, keep in mind your hair texture and length. Choose a style that is achievable with your hair, and compliments your features. If you would like a style that would require you to have more or longer hair, consider hair extensions.

Also, keep in mind the weather, and how it will affect your hair on your wedding day. If your hair does not hold up well in humidity, or you have trouble keeping your curl, you may want to consider an updo rather than leaving the hair down. When the hair is pinned up it tends to stay in place.

Bring any possible head piece and/or veil that you may want to wear on your wedding day to your practice run. We recommend this to ensure the hairstyle will work well with the head piece. The practice run is your opportunity to make changes ahead of time and reduce stress on your special day.

We recommend taking some photos after your practice hair and makeup. We often see ourselves differently in photos than when we look in the mirror. This will allow you the opportunity to look at it over and over to make sure everything is exactly how you want it.


If you color your hair, or are considering a color change before the wedding, you will want to book your first color appointment at Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store 3-6 months in advance to ensure you have the perfect color for your wedding day. We recommend you refresh your hair color 2 weeks prior to the wedding.


Regular haircuts prior to the wedding day will help keep your hair healthy. Often if the ends of your hair are damaged and frayed they do not curl well and cause a fuzzy appearance to the desired style. It is best to schedule regular trims 4-6 weeks apart up to a year before the big day. Doing so will help to maintain the integrity of your hair. We also recommend a trim 2 weeks prior to the wedding.


The condition of your hair is important to any style. Healthy hair styles best. In order to have your hair looking shiny and healthy for your big day, schedule reconditioning treatments every 4-6 weeks with your haircuts starting up to a year prior to your wedding. Also, have your stylist recommend an at home regimen from Mod’s beauty store to keep your hair looking it’s very best.


Be sure to have your eyebrows shaped a couple days prior to the wedding. If you tend to break out after waxing please let your stylist know as we do have wax that is for sensitive skin. You may also want to consider waxing at least one to two weeks in advance.


Decide ahead of time whether you will opt for tanning beds, spray tan, or another sunless option. If you choose a spray tan or sunless lotion, try it out a few times to see which color/product you like best, who/how you prefer to apply, and what the process is like so you can avoid streaks on your special day.


Everyone will want to see your ring, so get those nails in great shape by getting a manicure. Be sure to use lotion daily to keep your hands from appearing dry in photos.


Follow these tips to make sure your big day gets started on the right foot.

1.  Arrive at least five minutes early to ensure everyone gets started on time, and in turn gets you to the church with time to spare.

2.  Wear a button up shirt so you don’t run the risk of messing up your gorgeous style when it is time to change into your gown.

3.  Please come with dry hair. Second day hair is great! You are welcome to shampoo that morning, just make sure to put a volumizing product in your hair and blow dry completely.

4.  Invite your photographer! Please let your photographer know what time your appointment is so they arrive prior to your appointment time.

5.  Any changes to appointment times need to be done 15 days or more in advance. We will not be able to move appointments around the day of the wedding as we need to stay on schedule for our afternoon guests. Requesting such changes the day of or if someone is late may result in a forfeit of appointment and deposit.

6.  Feel free to bring in food and drinks if you wish. If you let us know before the big day we will be happy to prepare a space for you to set up.

7.  It is always nice to be prepared! You may want to pack a small bag with a few little necessities to get you through the day.


Bobby Pins

Safety Pins


Powder Foundation & Lip Gloss

Baby Wipes & Deodorant

Small Sewing Kit

Water & Snacks



8. Lastly, ENJOY your day! We hope your wedding day is everything you dreamed of and more!