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These are common words you hear in the salon referring to a service but what do they mean? And are they even necessary? We get asked these questions a lot so we decided to write a blog about what these services are and the why behind them. This blog may seem long and technical but trust us, it is worth the read!




So what is the difference between a toner, a glaze, and a gloss? To be honest nothing. They all are a color service that help even out tonality, intensify tonality, and/or add shine. Here at Mod, we like to use the word GLAZE. It just sounds nicer and most of the time leaves us craving doughnuts. And who doesn’t love a glazed doughnut?! 😝 We typically do a glaze following a lightening service. However, they can be done following any color service. It just depends on the desired end result. Now for the most important question….are they necessary? A lot of times YES! When it comes to achieving beige blondes, ash blondes, and platinum blondes then most definitely YES! Hair almost never lifts to these tones.

Why you ask? Well that is a great question! To answer this question, we want to take you back to when you first learned about the color wheel in grade school. What are the 3 primary colors? YES! Blue, Red, and Yellow. What do they make when mixed together? CORRECT! Brown and brown hair is commonly referred to as brunette. So that means brunette hair is comprised of 1 part blue, 2 parts red, and 3 parts yellow. Blue undertones are found in black hair, red undertones are found in darkest brunette to light brunette, and yellow to palest yellow undertones are found in blondes.

When lightening the hair you lift out these undertones and every undertone in between (think secondary colors) starting with blue and ending with yellow. This means even the lightest shades of blondes will still have some yellow undertones to them. So if you are going for an ashy, beige, or platinum (white) tone you will need to have a glaze done following your lightening service. For you unicorns who have virgin hair and are new to color, you might not need this service unless you’re wanting to intensify tones as virgin hair tends to lift nicely since there is no artificial pigment to lift through.

Hair color trends change and evolve over time but one thing that has never changed is that great hair color takes time.  Today’s color trends are seamless, shiny, and full of dimension. These trends require more time to apply and process and they almost all require a second step. Especially since most everyone has previously colored hair that takes us to a whole new set of rules and steps. At the end of the day, trusting your colorist and having a thorough color consultation with them is key to all successful colors.





Why choose a tinted moisturizer?

Tinted Moisturizer

Why choose a tinted moisturizer?

So you go to the beauty store to pick up some foundation and you find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of options. There are foundations for all types of coverage and all skin tones then there are these things called tinted moisturizers. You think to yourself, ?​ “How do I choose and furthermore, why would I choose a tinted moisturizer?”

Tinted moisturizers are great for those of us with dryer skin because they contain added moisturizers to aid in hydration. They are also great for those who don’t need or want quite as much coverage. Usually they contain an SPF to protect from the damaging rays of the sun. Foundations are great for those with oily skin and want a fuller coverage look. However, you may find that one brands foundation provides as much coverage as another brands tinted moisturizer.

Therefore, the best way to truly decide which tinted moisturizer to choose is to try them on. You don’t buy a car without test driving it, do you? So why can’t we test out beauty products? YOU CAN! Most beauty stores will allow you to play with the product and have a makeup consultant on hand to answer any questions and to help you choose the best option for you. You may find you choose both a tinted moisturizer and foundation. One you may use for an all natural look while the other one you use for a more glamorous look. Neither is right or wrong.

Here at Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store we are in LOVE ❤️​ with the Balm Cosmetics. Our favorite tinted moisturizer is Balm Shelter from the Balm Cosmetics. It is a great option if you are looking for a product to even out your skin tone while improving your skin’s texture. This weightless, silky-smooth tinted moisturizer has an SPF of 18 and leaves your skin looking hydrated. Great for that natural summer look! ☀️​

For more information please stop in to Mod’s beauty store and talk with one of our makeup consultants, while you are there ask for a FREE sample of Balm Shelter!

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Balms Away: The Secret To Eye Makeup Removal

Balms Away: The Secret To Eye Makeup Removal


We have all been there before, we finally find a mascara or eyeliner that doesn’t run and now we can’t get it off! At least not without irritation and burning. Eye makeup removal can really be the worst. Especially when you find a makeup product you love only to be reluctant to use it because it is hard to get off without damaging your skin. ​

Forget eye makeup removers if your eyes are sensitive. Using them on sensitive eyes can leave you looking like you have been crying for days. AND the burning! Oh the burning that can last for what feels like forever. Sometimes it feels as if you just poured acid on your eyelids. NO THANK YOU!!

?​ ?​

This was until the discovery of Balms Away!! When you get your hands on this magic makeup remover, you will find yourself thinking, “Where has this been all my life?” FINALLY!! No more burning your eyes to get off that eyeliner that wants to stay for days.


Balms Away is THE Eye Makeup Break-Up! Just take a dollop and apply to your closed eye. Keep your eye closed! Start to move the product around in a circular motion allowing the makeup to break up. Do this for about 30 seconds or so. Wipe away with a soft tissue.

That’s it!! Balms Away!!

?​ ?


?​ Balms Away can be found in our beauty store.

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3 Must Haves For Your Pool Bag

3 Must Haves For You Pool Bag

Summertime is right around the corner. ☀️​ It’s that time of year to be carefree, enjoy the sun, and spend as much time at the pool as possible!! ?​?​

So you’ve picked out the perfect suit, the perfect sunglasses, and of course you have your towel and sunscreen already packed in your pool bag. You slip on your flip-flops and are ready to head to the pool for a day in the sun! WAIT! What about your hair? Here are 3 must haves for  your pool bag that you can’t leave home without!

  1. Detangler- Wetting down those beautiful locks and spraying in a leave in conditioner before getting into the pool is always a great idea. Why you ask? This helps your hair absorb less chlorine. Chlorine, as we all know, is not our hair’s best friend and can fade our color. If you are like us, you just invested good money and time into getting the perfect balayage, so protect it from that awful chlorine. Team Mod recommends Unite 7 Seconds. 7 Seconds is an amazing detangler and adds moisture.
  2. Clarifying Shampoo- Once you get out of the pool it is best to shampoo your hair in the bathhouse to ensure there is absolutely no chlorine in your hair. We recommend Unite Weekender. The Weekender is a gentle cleanser that removes impurities while still being safe for that balayage. Follow with the 7 Seconds leave in.
  3. Sea Salt Spray- Leave the pool ready for anything!! Sea salt spray is a fun product to use to create beach-like texture. We recommend Unite Beach Day. What we love about Beach Day is that it is a hybrid styler meaning it can be sprayed in wet and left to air dry AND can be used once it is dry for finishing.

Pick up these 3 Must Have For Your Pool Bag in Mod’s Beauty Store!! #shopmod #shoplocal #shopsmall


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Read on to see what makes The Original Beauty Blender so magical!




You’ve heard the rumors about a magical makeup sponge that leaves your foundation looking flawless and you think to yourself, “Could this be for real?” The team here at Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store is here to say, “Yes! It is real!”

So what is this magical makeup sponge? It is The Original Beauty Blender and we love it! ❤️​ We have tried to carry The Original Beauty Blender in our beauty store for the last year and finally in March we were approved to carry it. We were ecstatic!!

FINALLY!! We could recommend the very thing our guests were asking us about for the last year. We tried other imposters and were left to the same conclusion, Beauty Blender is were its’s at!!

So what makes it so different? Our simple answer is, it just is! However, if you want to know the technology behind it here are the key points that make The Original Beauty Blender THE Magical Makeup Sponge!!
1. The Material – The material that it is made out of ensures that makeup sits on the surface of the sponge giving you smoother, more uniform blending.

2. The Egg Design – The egg shape design guarantees effortless blending in both small and large areas.

3. The Flawless Look – There are no edges this sponge which eliminates lines and streaks that other sponges leave behind.

4. Minimum Water Retention – It has an open cell structure that only allows the sponge to absorb what is necessary for the perfect makeup application.
Now the next big question is, Which Beauty Blender Do I Choose? ?​ STOP in to Mod’s Beauty Store and let one of our makeup enthusiasts help you decide which one would work in your beauty regimen.

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Everyone’s A Model At Mod: Why We Love Instagram

EVERYONE’S A MODEL AT MOD : Why  We Love Instagram


Read on to see why Team Mod LOVES Instagram and what types of shots they like to take of their work?



It’s no secret Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store loves color. However there is one thing we love even more and that is to show it off on our Instagram page!!

Why you ask? Because it helps the rest of our community know what amazing work we do. With social media being all the rage these days it is the fastest and easiest way to get the word out aside from your personal referrals. Each one of our Expert Colorists here at Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store has their own Instagram portfolio where they feature their best work. Mod also has a salon Instagram page where we show case our favorites from each of our Expert Colorists.

That is why we created our very own photo area where YOU the guest get to show off your modeling skills. Have no fear, if you are uncomfortable with us getting a full on face shot we will just take a picture of your gorgeous locks from behind.

Here’s a list of shots we like to take when photographing your beautiful new color:

Take a side shot- This shows off the cut and color from a more interesting angle. We may ask you to move your head in what feels like a strange way, just know it may feel weird but we are getting an awesome shot of your hair!

Take a shot of the back of your head- We generally ask you to look up at the ceiling so we can get an amazing shot of the movement of color within your hair.

Taking a front facing shot- Why would we like to get a front facing shot? Because we like to get a photo of how happy you are with your new color. ?​ Don’t worry, if you do not want us to take a picture from the front we won’t.

Take a video- A video you ask? Yes, VIDEO is awesome! With all of the cool new iPhone features on the 7 plus we are able to take slow-mo and time lapse videos that make a shake of the hair look AMAZING!!

So when you are in the salon and you see what looks like a photoshoot happening, you are witnessing every Mod guests modeling debut.
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Ten Questions With Janet Quackenbush

Meet Janet Quackenbush of

Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store


1. What drew you to working a front desk position? I worked in an office with no one else around for 17 years. I needed a change and to be able to interact with people. 

2. What is your favorite thing about working the front desk? Meeting and talking to new people every day.

3. What is the most challenging part of your job? Remembering all the benefits and qualities of all of our products.

4. What is the best vacation you have ever been on and why? My husband and I drove to East Liverpool, Ohio. It was like a second honeymoon and the drive was just beautiful.

5. What is your favorite pastime? Being at our cabin, boating, and being on a beach.

6. What is you favorite hair  product and why? Moroccanoil Frizz Control . It controls my frizz and static, doesn’t weigh my hair down. 

7. What is your favorite hair service to have done? My favorite service would have to be the Nioxin Scalp Treatment. It really treats my dry itchy scalp, takes care of the itchiness and redness. It also removes any build up on the scalp.

8. Do you have any other roles here at Mod on top of being a Front Desk Professional? If so what is it and what do you love about it? I am also the Wedding Coordinator for Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store. I get excited when brides come in and book their wedding hair and makeup. I love to hear all about their wedding plans. I love to see the brides on their wedding day in the salon getting their hair and makeup done, when they leave they are just so beautiful!

9. Do you have any bizarre talent? If so what is it? Unclogging the stylists hairspray cans! LOL 

10. What is the most memorable moment you have experienced here at Mod? What makes it so memorable? My most memorable moment would have to be Christmas 2015. All the stylists chipped in and gave me a chocolate diamond necklace to show their appreciation for all I do for them. I was so surprised that I was speechless and crying. I just couldn’t believe they did that. Love those girls!!


If you are interested in setting up your bridal appointment please contact Janet Quackenbush at #319-553-1080 or submit your information online by clicking on the bridal appointments tab.


Ten Questions With Heather Halbfass

Meet Heather Halbfass of

Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store


1.What made you choose Jody as a  business partner? Jody and I met in college. Not only did we become fast friends, we also have worked side by side since the day we met. During school our stations were next to each other and when we got into the salon that continued. We have just always worked so well together. I think the fact that we are complete opposites is why we chose to partner together in business. She is the yin to my yang. We have the ability to bring out the best in each other and we both have a desire to succeed. One thing we joked about when we started the salon is that if it didn’t work out and we totally tanked at least we had each other to have a beer with. Jody has been an amazing constant in my life and that creates a lot of trust in our relationship in and out of the salon.

2. What is your favorite part of owning a salon? I would say my favorite thing is watching each of our team members wether they are a Stylist or Front Desk Professional grow personally and professionally. It is awesome to see these ladies get excited each time they accomplish a goal or perfect a skill. Another thing I like the about owning a salon is the amount of personal growth it has given me. I am constantly learning so I can better help my team in achieving success. That has in return made me a better human.

3. Why did you choose the beauty industry? I was totally a Barbie girl when I was younger. In fact, my mom first taught me how to french braid on a Barbie doll. I can’t even remember a time I didn’t enjoy playing with makeup and hair.

4. What is your favorite service to perform and why? I really enjoy doing hair color. Color can really change ones perception of themselves. Sometimes being able to find beauty within ones self can start with something as simple as a color. Helping people be able to find their inner beauty is really truly the best thing about being a cosmetologist.

5. Who is your stylist idol and why? I think I have had several idols/mentors through out my career. I would say the person I admired that I knew personally was my first boss in the salon Keith Blum. His passion for this industry and people was something I admired. He had such a way with people and he almost always remembered your name. He had a strong will to succeed and I find myself doing or saying things he used to do or say. Another person that I have admired from afar is Wayne Grund. I admire the success he has had. From being a stylist to creating an amazing hair care company. He has created a company that supports stylists in furthering their education and he still is actively involved. You can sense the feeling of family in their company. I love that!!

6. Have you ever had an embarrassing moment at Mod? What was it?

I can’t remember having a really embarrassing moment here at Mod. Maybe because nothing will top my most embarrassing moment at the first salon I worked at. I was shampooing a guest and the hose slipped out of my hand. Instead of shutting off the water I tried to grab the hose and it was just flailing all over the place. One of the senior stylists had to come over and shut the water off!! I was soaked, my guest had puddles in her eyes, and water was everywhere. The whole salon was laughing at me. To top it off, after that guest left, another stylist asked me to shampoo for her and her guest asked me, “Do I need an umbrella?” OY VEY!!

7. What has been your favorite hair color on yourself? RED for sure!!! I absolutely LOVE redheads!!

8. Name your top 3 products you can’t live without. Sebastian Dark Oil, Surface Bassu Mask, and The Balm Cheater Mascara

9. What has been your favorite beauty trend throughout your career? My favorite beauty trend, that’s a tough one. I honestly, don’t know that I have a favorite trend. I enjoy change when it comes to hair. The evolution of hair over the course of my 18 1/2 years in this industry has been what keeps my passion alive.

10. What do you enjoy most about your team at Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store? First, I would like to say how deeply proud I am of each and every one of the women on my team. I am very blessed to work with them everyday. What I enjoy most about our team here is the fact that they truly like each other. I think it is hard to find that. We really are like a family. We don’t always agree but we do treat each other with respect. The success we have experienced here at Mod stems from that. Watching them grow into women who support one another and build each other up is amazing and my hope is that each of them sprinkle that into their lives outside of the salon. The world needs all the positivity it can get and it starts with each one of us.


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Ten Questions With Jody Carrier

Meet Jody Carrier of

Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store


1. What made you choose Heather as a business partner? Heather is the yin to my yang. Her strengths are my weaknesses & my strengths are her weaknesses. Somehow together we are better. 

2. What is you favorite part of owning a salon? Heather & I had a vision of what we wanted our work environment to be like and we were able to create that ourselves. 

3. Why did you choose the beauty industry? I like helping people & making them feel their best, but I wanted it to be in a happy environment. 

4. What is your favorite service to perform & why? COLOR HANDS DOWN!! I love the transformation. It’s such a fun way to make a total change without having to do a dramatic cut. 

5. Who is your stylist idol & why? I love Wayne Grund. He is an incredibly talented hairstylist. He also created a product line that is health conscious, eco-friendly, charitable, and quality. He really cares about this industry and the people in it, and he is always kind to the people that work for him. 

6. Have you ever had an embarrassing moment at Mod? What was it? My sleeve caught the faucet at the shampoo bowl & turned on the water unexpectedly. Water went everywhere. It did not get on my guest, but he continues to pick on me about it & even put a meme on Facebook about it. 🙁

7. What has been your favorite hair color on yourself? I prefer myself as a blonde, but I have been a brunette and a red head. 

8. Name your top 3 products you can’t live without. AG Hair Bigg Wigg Root Lifter – you don’t know how much you NEED it until you don’t use it one day, Lanza Trauma Treatment – best leave in conditioner for curls ever, and Sebastian Reshaper Hairspray. 

9. What has been your favorite beauty trend throughout your career? Perms! Ha ha just kidding! I don’t think I could pick just one – they come and go so quickly. I will always love a good diagonal forward bob – classic. 

10. What do you enjoy most about your team at Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store? I love that we a strong group of talented women that lift each other up.


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Ten Questions With Jess Schaefer

Meet Jess Schaefer of

Mod Hair Color Salon & Beauty Store


1. When did you graduate from cosmetology college and from which one did you graduate?Fall of 2005. La James International College, Cedar Falls, IA

2. Why did you go into this industry? I have always loved doing hair ever since I was a little girl. My big plan was to graduate hair school move to the coast and work on a cruise ship. While attending school I met my now husband and wouldn’t change anything.

3. What is your favorite part of being a cosmetologist? Getting to do what I have always loved to do. Meeting new people everyday at work and getting to make them look and feel beautiful.

4. Why did you choose Mod? The owners are friends of mine. When they first opened the salon, they wanted me to join their team. It only took me 4 1⁄2 years but I finally did just that and am so glad I made that decision.

5. What’s your favorite thing about being a team member at Mod? We are all open and close with each other. We help each other out everyday and everyone makes the place a fun and joyful place to be at.

6. What’s your most embarrassing salon moment? Well I don’t have any really embarrassing moments. Maybe I just don’t get embarrassed easily or I had just pushed those memories deep into the back of my mind so I can’t remember it. 🙂 

7. What’s your favorite styling tip you like to teach your guests? I like to teach my guest how to achieve volume in their hair and how to properly dry their hair to get the look they want.

8. What do you like to do most when you are not in in the salon? When I am not at the salon I like to spend time with my husband and son. Going to parks or to the lake house or inviting friends over and just hanging out.

9. What are the hair care products you can not live without and why? I can not live without dry shampoo. I only wash my hair a couple times a week so dry shampoo is a life saver. Also, I can’t live without my healing oils. I do a lot to my hair such as chemical processes and heat styling. They protect my hair and keep my ends from drying out. My hair always feels healthy with them.

10. What are your top two services you enjoy doing most and why? Colors for sure. It’s an easy way to change someone’s look if they don’t want to change their haircut or just change their entire look all together. The 2nd would be haircuts. I love finishing out a hair cut. Doing the extra end work to customize the haircut to that individual person. The little extra stuff make all the difference.


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